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Benefits of Being an FXU
PAMM Fund Manager

If you’re a Fund Manager, the FXU PAMM program is designed with you in mind. You see, our PAMM program gives you the flexibility you need to maximise your trading portfolio.

We’ve done this by developing the FXU PAMM to allow you and all other Fund Managers to manage all your open positions via one PAMM Manager Account.

Here is why you should become an FXU PAMM Fund Manager

With our PAMM, all your positions are automatically distributed to all your managed accounts, giving you peace of mind that your trades are being managed efficiently. More automation means more time for you to focus on building your portfolio!


Trading Security
If you’ve got a trading strategy that is bringing in money for you and your investors, then it’s yours! With our PAMM program, all your trades are protected from being copied.


We notice your Success
Your trading results are showcased on our website for all to see, which in turn gives you the chance to expand your portfolio further.

Easy control over all investment sizes. You don't need to perform any complicated profit calculations for your investors - our PAMM Program percentage allocation method will do it for you.


Maximum Control
You determine the majority of the parameters and settings on your PAMM Manager Account. It’s your account, your call.


Each Investor's participation in the Manager Account is automatically fine-tuned following every deposit.

Positions are automatically readjusted following a withdrawal by an Investor whenever necessary.
This is an industry first!

Access your investor lists
on demand so you are always in the know.


Get Alerts
Be alerted before new deposits are funded into your account. Our deposit alerts allow you to plan new positions on your account.